I've been playing golf my entire life, I love the game and am continuously trying to increase my skills and knowledge of the swing. Power lifting and fitness training is also a hobby that I'm passionate about. Combining these activities and working toward set goals to accomplish has helped me increase my club and ball speed, as well as my distance and accuracy at impact. It seemed like a natural move to keep working harder and harder on these two hobbies with the ultimate goal of competing and winning long drive competitions. Every dream's gotta start somewhere. Mine began on the World Long Drive scene in 2018 where I won an exemption into the 2018 Volvik World Long Drive Championships and an official Top-100 World Ranking after only my second event.

Long Drive is an incredible sport and one I'll always have a connection to. If you would like to hire me for a long drive demo, or to help your charity raise money at your next golf outing, or if you would like to join me in pursuing my dream, let's get in touch! ⚡️

Are you looking for some speed, power, and fitness tips?
Or interested in custom s
wing analysis to learn how to hit it longer?

Allow me to help.

• Long drive demos, speed and power exhibitions, and golf scramble entertainment at your club.
• Fitness exercises, drills, and workouts to enhance your all-around game and add distance.
• Swing tips for increased speed and power that will maximize your efficiency an add consistency.
• Customized swing analysis to unleash your power and have you hitting it further.

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