2X World Long Drive Championship Qualifier

I continue to seek sponsors and partnerships to assist me with the logistics of competing on the world stage. This asset will become more necessary as I plan to add moreTour Events to my schedule. As long drive is not my full-time job, currently, I need help raising money to attend these events. I would love to partner with you and your business and be a representative of your brand. Let's get in touch!

2019 - Year Two
The second year of my long drive career was an absolute blast and a milestone year as I began working with Charity Golf International (CGI). I competed in the WLDC Qualifier in Memphis, TN where I made the finals on both days of competition and came up just shy of winning my exemption on the second day by coming in T-4th. I then made the trip to Maricopa, AZ for the next WLDC Qualifying event and Tour event. There I made the finals again, but this time I was able to win 4 out of the 5 sets (coming in 2nd in the only set I didn't win) to finish in 1st Place overall and walk away with my second consecutive World Championship exemption, flashy new hardware, and a much higher world ranking (51st). I also competed in the Atlantic City Boardwalk Bash Event before heading to the the 2019 Volvik World Long Drive Championship. I was also hired to hit in 20+ charity events through CGI and helped raise over $100,000 for those charities and individuals in need. And to top it all off, I married the most gorgeous woman on the planet and we found out late in the year that our first child would be arriving in August 2020. WHAT a year!

2018 -Year One
2018 was an incredible year for me on and off the grid. After competing in my first World Long Drive event ever at the East Coast Classic in March and coming up just a few yards shy of the Final Qualifying rounds, I couldn't wait to get back at it and compete on this stage. I then made my way to the Bluff City Shootout in June where I successfully won an exemption into the 2018 Volvik World Long Drive Championships on the first day of qualifying and was also awarded with an official World Ranking after only my second long drive event. Although my greatest achievement this year was asking the love of my life to marry me. It was a successful request ;).

Making it to the World Championships in my first year was definitely a goal of mine, but not something I thought I'd be able to achieve so soon. While at the 2018 Volvik World Long Drive Championships, I outperformed my ranking and finished T-58th our of the 96 longest hitters in the World. Even though I didn't advance past the first round, I gained the experience and competitive knowledge that I will need to be even more successful in the years to come.

Providing Long Drive Showcases for your Club Events!

This hour-long demo provides your event's guests with the chance to ask questions about the sport of long drive, check out the equipment used, gain some key power and speed tips, and of course watch some 400 yard drives at your course! Additionally, if you are hosting a scramble event, the demo can be set up on the course and the long drives can be used for the groups as they pass through! For me details, let's get in touch!

On a Journey to Become a
World Long Drive Champion

Current Stats
- 2X World Long Drive Championship Qualifier
- World-Ranked Long Drive Professional

- Longest Official WLD Drive: 415 yds
- Longest Non-CompetitiveDrive: 482 yards

- Fastest Swing Speed: 152 mph
- Fastest Ball Speed: 216 mph
I've been playing golf my entire life, I love the game and am continuously trying to increase my skills and knowledge of the swing. Power lifting and fitness training is also a hobby that I'm passionate about. Combining these activities and working toward set goals has helped me increase my club and ball speed, as well as my distance and accuracy at impact. It seemed like a natural move to keep working harder and harder on these hobbies with the ultimate goal of competing professionally and winning long drive competitions. Every dream's got to start somewhere.

During college, I was a member of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Men's golf team, competing in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. I was a starter on the team for all four years of college and had the opportunity to compete at the national championship level for three out of those four years. Hard work and a dedication to my craft and athletic ability helped me become a Scholar All-American as a Junior and Senior (2007-09) and a member of the All-Conference Academic team my sophomore, junior, and senior years (2006-09) for the Southern Sun Conference. I was also nationally ranked inside the top-100 NAIA golfers and recognized on the All-South Region team my senior year (2008-09). On top of this, the collegiate accolade I'm most proud of was when my college athletics department awarded me the Strength and Conditioning Male Athlete of the Year for SCAD 2008-09. The first golfer in the history of the college to do so.

After college, I've kept up my craft with local amateur tournaments and long drive competitions but am looking to take my game to the next level and compete in Long Drive tournaments professionally. Proper training and equipment are items that I need to pursue my dream. This is where I need your help. I'm currently seeking sponsorship, donations, and assistance achieving my dream. If you are interested in sponsorship, donations, or wish to schedule a Long Drive demo at your event, let's get in touch.

Bonus Fact: The nickname, "Thor" has been with me since I was a child as I've always had a little bit of a bigger build than the average person and have always had a full head of blonde hair as well. Today, add in a little viking ancestry, a beard, some power lifting, bombing long drives, and a bit of length to my hair, and the nickname stuck.⚡️

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